October 2021 Dental Office Management and Leadership Tips and Ideas

October 2021 Dental Office Management and Leadership Tips and Ideas

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October 2021 is filled with practice management and leadership opportunities to help make it your best October ever. The tips and ideas that I am sharing with you when implemented will also help you end this crazy year productive, happy, and strong.

Dental Office Management and Leadership Tips and Ideas for October 2021

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Practice Management Tips & Ideas

Insurance Use it or Lose it Reminders – Did you get your end-of-year insurance/HSA/FSA dental benefit use it or lose it reminder letters/emails/texts/calls out?  If you need a sample letter template just email me a request for one at bhaydenconsulting@gmail.com

Dental Office Insurance Renewal Reminders Betty Hayden Consulting

In-Office Savings Plan – If you offer an in-house savings plan this is a good time of year to let your uninsured patients know about it.

Office Numbers (key practice indicators) – Knowing your practice numbers and doing something with what you know about those numbers is key to growing and improving your practice. Numbers tell a story. Numbers tell you if your practice is healthy or unhealthy. Get a baseline of where you’re at to set goals for where you want to go. If your numbers reveal unhealthiness be quick to act and get help to restore your practice to health and happiness.

Doctors, if you would like to grow and improve your dental practice and have wondered what it might be like to work with me and what coaching is all about… please feel free to reach out to me to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation coaching call at bhaydenconsulting@gmail.com.

Leadership Tips & Ideas

Employee Appreciation – 

Team Building – Improve your Office Day: October 4th

Discuss with your team strategies and goals to improve the office and ways to work smarter instead of harder. This will result in better patient experiences, improved team communication, less stressful workdays, and enjoying more fun as a team.  Consider offering a prize for the best “improve the office” idea.

You Matter to Me Day: October 7th

No employee will ever complain about being over-recognized and appreciated. Let your employees know just how much they matter to you. Employee appreciation is directly linked with job satisfaction, productivity, happiness at work, and overall team morale. Make sure they feel appreciated and valued!

Employer Appreciation

Boss’s Day: October 15th – Plan now to make this a special day for your boss(es).  (Usually, it is on the 16th but moved to the 15th because it fell on a weekend day.)  Be sure to share a photo of your “boss” on your social media pages.

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