Exciting News About The Best Dental Seminar Ever

Exciting News About The Best Dental Seminar Ever

Dear Friends,

You know how much I love sharing dental leadership, management, and marketing tips and ideas each month that help you reach your practice goals all while having more fun and less stress at work, right? This is why when I received the following email from The Madow Center for Dental Practice Success, I could not keep this info from you all!

If you’re not already registered to attend TBSE (a 2-day seminar LOADED with great ideas to grow your practice) – now is your chance to attend tuition-free! For real, no catch.

(If you will be there please send me a quick message so that I know you’ll be there. I would love to say hello in person 🙂 )

Check this out:

YOU can attend TBSE at NO CHARGE!!
No strings attached!

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

TBSE – “The Best Seminar Ever” – takes place in Las Vegas next weekend, November 15th and 16th. This year marks the 25th TBSE, and it will be the final one. The speaker lineup is amazing, the venue is incredible, and since it’s the last one, there’s bound to be some special surprises.

And now YOU can attend at NO CHARGE!!

What? Well, here’s the story. 

TBSE 2019 is officially sold out. But yesterday we were reviewing our seating chart with the folks at The Tropicana Resort Hotel (right on the world famous Las Vegas Strip!) and they said that we could fit in twenty more seats. Wow!! 

So instead of just putting those seats up for sale, we thought it would be fun to give them away! After all, it IS the final TBSE – and that means it’s time to do something really special. And – we want to keep it very simple. So here’s how it works.

Simply fill out the entry form, and if your name is drawn, you can attend TBSE at no charge!! That’s it! We will be giving away “scholarship” admissions to five practices – up to four attendees each. Each entry must have at least one doctor. No games to play, no minimum purchase, no quiz questions to answer, no crazy contest rules – because this is not a contest. Just fill out the form and you can be on your way to “The Best Seminar Ever” in Las Vegas at no charge!!

Look – this is the first time we have ever done anything like this, and it will be the last! If you want to attend TBSE and you can drive, fly, walk, run, Uber, Lyft, drone in, or stuff yourself in a UPS box to get to Vegas, you gotta make it happen. YOLO!!
Q: Who should enter?

A: Anyone who wants to attend TBSE and can get to Las Vegas by next Friday morning! TBSE starts at 9:00 AM sharp on Friday November 15th. If you can’t make it, please don’t enter. Of course hotel and transportation are not included, but that’s the easy part! Once again, if you can drive, fly, walk, run, Uber, Lyft, drone in, or stuff yourself in a UPS box, you should not miss this opportunity to attend TBSE!! Each entry must have at least one doctor (but it can have four!)

We just ask that you don’t enter if you aren’t serious about attending.

Q: What if I am already registered for TBSE?

A: Well, just to be fair, you can enter too!! If you win, we’ll let you invite more people or we’ll refund your tuition payment. Just be advised that the win is not transferable.

Q: What the heck is TBSE?

A: WHAT???? Okay, TBSE is “The Best Seminar Ever” – and this year is the 25th and final one!

Q: Is it really that easy?

A: Yes it is!! Just click on the form and fill it out. We will be picking five practices to attend TBSE 2019 at no charge!! This may sound “too good to be true” but it’s not!! There’s no gimmick, catch, or obligation. As soon as your name is (hopefully) drawn, we will get in touch with you immediately. You’re in – that’s it!!

If you have always wanted to attend TBSE,
this will be your last chance!!
So what are you waiting for??
Do whatever it takes to make it to Vegas!!

See you at TBSE,

The Madow Brothers

Can you see why I couldn’t hold back from sharing that email?

I understand that this is happening next week and doesn’t leave much time for planning but if you can arrange it – you’ll be so glad you did.

I’ll be there and would love to meet you in person!

Yours for Greater Success,


Dental CE in Vegas Dental Coaching

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Dental Office Tips and Ideas for November 2018

Dental Office Tips and Ideas for November 2018

Hello Friends,

There is still time to make your final quarter for the year your best one yet. To help make that happen, here are a few dental marketing & practice management tips & ideas…

Betty Hayden Consulting Dental Office Coach Marketing Ideas

World Kindness Week: 12-18 – Have Gift of Health Certificates for your patients to share with their friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family. What about handing out special surprise gifts for your patients or deliver gifts to local businesses this week?  Perhaps there is a patient coming in this week for treatment that is experiencing serious financial hardship and would benefit from some extra kindness by you donating some of their dental treatment.

Dental Education Opportunity:

 November is American & National Diabetes Month

Over 30 million Americans have diabetes.
People with diabetes are 2 times more likely to develop serious gum disease.
Use this month-to educate your patients about the connections between diabetes and gum disease while they are in the chair and or via email, office newsletters, and your social media sites.

International Stress Awareness Day: 7th    – Share tips on how to reduce stress & the relationship between stress and oral health. Service/Treatment Feature: Mouthguards.

Great American Smokeout: 16th   – Wonderful Educational Opportunity to help your patients Kick the Tobacco Habit! As well as encourage youths to remain tobacco-free. (BTW my son just started high school and I am shocked at the number of high school CHILDREN I see smoking and vaping to and from school each day. So sad.)

Hygiene Continuing Care Opportunity:

Give Up Your Shoulds Day: Nov. 1st – The dictionary defines “should” as a word used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions. Help your patients to give up some “shoulds” in their lives that often lead to guilt and stress. Such as: “I should schedule my dentist appointment” or “I should floss every day”; encourage them to turn these shoulds into something positive by seeing the value and personal benefit to flossing every day and/or being able to say they scheduled their dental appointment. It’s not something they “should” do but what they “want” to do to stay healthy.

Cosmetic Dentistry Opportunity:

Many of your patients will soon be attending holiday parties/events and typically with these special occasions come a lot of picture-taking. Now is a great time to help them see how they can easily get their smile ready for the camera with teeth whitening and other cosmetic treatment/procedures. Be sure to make available Dental Gift Cards/Certificates for purchase.

November Reminders: (I know I sound like a broken record with this first reminder, but it is too important to your success to ignore…)

Incomplete Treatment & Insurance Maximum Renewals – Do you have any patients with incomplete treatment or ones that are due/past due in hygiene with remaining insurance benefits that are going to run out at the end of this year? Do what you can to help them see the need and value in scheduling an appointment this month before the end of the year rush really shifts into high gear! See Dental Benefit (Use it or Lose it) Reminders, Tips, and Ideas

Candy Buy Back – Many of you will be starting off the month of November hosting and celebrating your office Candy Buy Back events. Consider doing a Facebook Live Video to promote your event. Be sure to alert the local TV news, online & print newspapers and social media sites about these events.

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day: 15th – Time to clean out the office refrigerator.

Social Media Post Ideas to Boost and Encourage Engagement

Daylight Savings Time Ends: 4th

 X-ray Day: 8th(Share why you take/need x-rays)

Red Lipstick Day: 11th

Black Friday – Offer Special Pricing on Teeth Whitening & Electric Toothbrushes, Ortho Consultations or a New Patient Visit.

Flossing day: 23rd – Post fun floss facts & tips on your social media sites. Make a video and share on Facebook, YouTube & Pinterest demonstrating proper flossing techniques. And if you’re not totally sick of seeing videos of people doing the floss dance…well, go ahead and incorporate a little dancing into your educational videos. Because, why not? 😉

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If these ideas weren’t enough for you, here is one more! Join me at TBSE (The Best Seminar Ever) on November 9th & 10th in Vegas. YOU WILL HAVE SO MUCH FUN!

As always, I would love to hear your ideas for making November a great month! Should you need any help implementing these ideas or have any other questions that I can help you answer…I’m ready to help! Contact me today at bhaydenconsulting@gmail.com.

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Yours for Greater Success,


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Dental Office Practice Management Tips and Ideas for October 2018

Dental Office Practice Management Tips and Ideas for October 2018

Hello Friends,

The ideas that I’m sharing for the month of October can be done any time of year but sometimes, it helps to have a little push. So here is your gentle push to make plans now to have a great start to the final quarter for the year.

Fall Dental Office Practice Management Ideas

Customer Service Week – October 1st  – 5th  –  Excellent theme for your next team meeting.  What ideas can you come up with as a team to exceed your patients’ expectations by consistently delivering excellent customer service?

  • What do you do when you run late? (If you’re habitually running behind, please change that habit! It’s disrespectful to your patients’ and your team)
  • What do you do when the lab screws up a case?
  • What about comfort? How are you making the visit as comfortable as possible for your patients?
  • What about your telephone skills? SEE How to Effectively Answer the Dental Office Telephone (Telephone Principles)
  • How about after the treatment – are you making post-op calls?
  • How are you staying in touch with your patients in between their 6-month hygiene appointments? SEE 10 Ways to Stay in Touch with your Dental Patients

Improve Your Office Day – October 4th – Take this opportunity to openly and honestly examine ways to improve your office. This might be the perfect time to schedule a complimentary consultation with me for some tips and ideas on how to improve your office.

Another great way to improve your dental office and team is to attend TBSE 2018 (The Best Seminar Ever!). You will love it!! Plus, I’ll be there and it would be awesome to meet you in person!!  See why this is truly the best seminar here: The Best Dental Seminar Ever

Boss’s Day is October 16th  – Plan now to make this day special for your boss(es).

Get to Know Your Customers Day is October 19th – Perhaps you could have a Business Card Drawing for a Free Lunch. Have fun with this day or turn it into a week or month-long event. This will allow you to get to know your patients better as well as learn what local businesses you want to focus some of your marketing efforts on.

October is National Dental Hygiene Month – What can be done to improve your hygiene department? Examine your current protocols and systems…both clinical and administrative. See also: Tips and Ideas to Fill Holes In Dental Hygiene Schedules and Scripting for when your dental patient calls to cancel their cleaning appointment…

Use it or Lose it Reminders – Get your letters (& phone calls) out to your patients reminding them to use any insurance benefits they have remaining for 2018 to complete any needed treatment or for their continuing care hygiene appointment before they lose them. SEE Remaining Maximum Tips and Ideas (Sample Letter)

Combine these practice management ideas with my Marketing Ideas and you will have a great October (and final quarter) as a team! Not to mention, your patients will love you for it!

Did you enjoy these tips and ideas?   I would love and truly appreciate for you to please leave a review/recommendation for me on GOOGLE and/or FACEBOOK

As always, I would love to hear your ideas! Should you need any help implementing these ideas or have any other questions that I can help you answer… I’m ready to help!

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Yours for Greater Success,


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