Dental Practice Management, Leadership, and Team Building Ideas for September 2023

Dental Practice Management, Leadership, and Team Building Ideas for September 2023

Hello Friends,

How are things looking for your office in September? Do you have holes in the schedule? Or are you booked solid? Are you on track to have your best September ever?

No matter if your schedule is full of patients or full of holes there are things we can do to improve the practice – things that show the team how much they matter and things to show your patients that you care.

The ideas that I am sharing with you for September will help you reactivate and reappoint patients, attract more new patients, build relationships within the community, as well as exceed your current patients’ expectations. You’ll also find ways to show your team how much you care and appreciate them.

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Team Building and Appreciation Ideas…

National Taco Month  – Mexican Fiesta Lunch. Take the team for lunch or have a taco fiesta potluck lunch at the office.  “Taco ‘bout an awesome team!”

Random Acts of Kindness Day or Be Kind Day: 1st  – Do something kind and unexpected for your team. Give a thank you note and/or a small gift of appreciation to your employees.  It could be a gift card or actual gifts. (i.e.: spa products, chocolate, books, essential oils, teas, water bottle, etc.)

National Coffee Day: 29th – Starbucks or Coffee Gift Cards or Bring in a special coffee/tea drink for the team.

Office Manager Appreciation Month – Take this opportunity to put a spotlight on your office manager this month (in-office and on social media). 


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Practice Management Reminders and Ideas for September…

Pre-Appointment Chart/Schedule Review – Prior to the appointment, look for patients with unscheduled restorative treatment, family members due, unscheduled hygiene patients, and same-day treatment (ex. bite-guards, sealants, fluoride, whitening, etc.). Look for opportunities to help more of your patients smile healthier.

Insurance Renewal Letters – Send out your Insurance and HSA/FSA “Use it or Lose it” reminder texts, emails, and letters. Make calls to patients with unscheduled treatment plans and/or due in hygiene.

Dental Service Special/Feature

Mouthguards – September 4th is Mouthguard day. Consider, offering special pricing for custom mouthguards during the month of September.

Think beyond what you’ve always done to get by or your current perceived limitations– get creative with your methods for staying in touch with your current patients, reaching out to inactive patients, welcoming more new patients, and learning new things as a team to keep things fresh and motivating.

With your actions lead your team in the direction you want your practice to go and grow.

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“Being held accountable is an act of generosity and compassion. It is a gift that someone gives us to correct our wrongs, unlearn, and do better for the sake of our own growth. It might be uncomfortable, but it is worth the discomfort.” – Minaa B.

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Have the BEST September!

Yours for Greater Success,

~Betty – Dental Coach

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