Protective Eyewear in the Dental Office – Are you keeping your patients safe?

Protective Eyewear in the Dental Office – Are you keeping your patients safe?

June 27th marks National Sunglasses Day, serving as a timely reminder of the significance of eye protection. This got me thinking about how dental clinicians prioritize wearing eye protection for safety at work, yet many neglect to offer the same protection to their patients.

Despite the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advising patients to wear eye protection during their dental visits, this guideline is not consistently adhered to. (I see this all of the time when I am visiting dental offices for in-office coaching.)

Might I add, from personal experience, and from someone who is not a fan of being in the dental chair, it is super uncomfortable to have a bright light shining in your eyes and water splatter hitting your face and eyes. Even if you keep your eyes closed it’s uncomfortable.

Importance of Eye Protection

Eye protection is a simple yet vital measure that helps to shield patients’ eyes from bright dental lights. More importantly, it demonstrates that we value our patients’ eyesight and are committed to protecting them from potential illness or injury. Patients should be aware that dental treatment creates all kinds of spray and spatter, and the use of numerous instruments throughout treatment can also pose a risk to their eyes.

Providing protective safety glasses/sunglasses for patient use is an easy, effective way to uphold this standard of care. Eyewear should not be presented as an option for the patient but as a necessary part of dental treatment.

Commitment to Sterilization

The sunglasses, protective eyewear, or safety goggles need to be sterilized even if the glasses are not visibly dirty after each use, similar to all your instruments and tools. This practice ensures your patients get clean and safe eye protection during their appointments.

Patient Care and Safety

Making the small gesture of providing safety glasses to patients is a significant step in our overall commitment to patient care, comfort, and safety.

Incorporating these practices into dental care not only aligns with ADA and CDC guidelines but also enhances the overall patient experience. Win-Win

On National Sunglasses Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate the importance of eye protection in all aspects of life, not just in dental offices.

Stay safe and protect your patients’ eyes!

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Dental Office Management and Leadership Ideas for June 2021

Dental Office Management and Leadership Ideas for June 2021

Hello Friends,

Did you catch my dental marketing ideas for June? If not, here is the link June 2021 Marketing Ideas

Now that you have your marketing plans set for June…

Are you looking to boost team morale? Is your dental schedule looking weak?

You’ll find several tips and ideas to help support your vision and mission right here.

Dental Practice Management and Leadership Ideas and Reminders for June

“Leadership is an action, not a position.” – Donald McGannon

Here are 8 Important Actios of Leadership (source:

1. Learn to lead by example.

2. Be goal-oriented.

3. Take responsibility.

4. Share the glory.

5. Know how to develop a team.

6. Become a master of communication.

7. Be courageous and assertive.

8. Be confident.

Remember, “you can borrow knowledge, but not action.” – James Clear

Recess At Work Day: 17th   

Get outside for a few minutes with your team for some fresh air. If you can’t all get outside, open the windows and turn up the radio.  How about a sweet treat to enjoy during “recess”? (ex: ice cream, frozen drink, etc.)

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Hygiene Continuing Care/Recare Reminders:

Postcard & Social Media Site Scripting Idea: Summertime is a great time of year and it can also be a busy time of year. We encourage you to remember to take the time to squeeze in your regular dental visit before the summer months fly by. Regular dental visits are so important to your overall health.

Incomplete Treatment Reports:

Many insurance companies renewed their maximum on June 1st. Pull a report of any patients due in hygiene or with incomplete treatment that have a June renewal date. Make calls and send letter/text/email that their maximum renewed and encourage them to schedule an appointment.

Some questions to consider:

  • Of your active patients (seen in the last 18 months) how many have a next appointment scheduled and how many do not?
  • How many patients left the practice this year?
  • What can you do together as a team to retain more patients by consistently exceeding their expectations?
  • What can you do together as a team to help more patients say yes to your very best care? Remember, When your patients are healthy – the practice is healthy.

Knowing your practice numbers and doing something with what you know about those numbers is key to growing and improving your practice. Numbers tell a story. Numbers tell you if your practice is healthy or unhealthy.  

Do you know what your office numbers look like? How many of your active patients are unscheduled? How many patients you’re gaining and losing each month? You need to know where you’re at currently to know how to best care for your patients and what your potential for growth is. To help you get that data quickly, like within minutes – if your PMS is either Dentrix, Eaglesoft, or Open Dental you can request a complimentary, no-obligation practice data snapshot here: Game-Changing Awareness from Dental Intelligence  – Within minutes we’ll identify your practice’s strengths and uncover hidden opportunities.  I am happy to assist you with this at no charge.

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I Can’t Do It!

I Can’t Do It!

Hello Friends,

Do you ever feel like you just “can’t” do it? Perhaps there are times when you feel like my daughter, Savannah did here in this video while trying to learn to hula hoop (while wearing high heels)…

Savannah in her frustration said “I can’t do it” – We all have at one time felt this way or maybe we’re feeling that way now.

But, was that really true, was she doomed to never master the hula hoop? Not at all, she just couldn’t hula hoop “yet”.

Yet is an optimistic word that means “in the future”, for example, the best is yet to come. 

dental marketing ideas hayden consulting

Approach each day in your practice with the growth mindset that, the best is yet to come. So maybe your patient feels like they can’t accept your treatment plan yet, or you’re struggling with reaching your production, collection, and scheduling goals, or like many offices right now you’re struggling to find and retain employees, this doesn’t mean that you will never reach your goals or your patient will never accept the treatment, or that you’ll never find excellent employees, it just means, more time and or effort are required.

This was true for Savannah – She can hula hoop!

Your patient hasn’t said yes, yet. You haven’t reached your goals, yet. You don’t have your dream team, yet. However, the best is yet to come.

Add yet to your mindset and your challenges become an opportunity to learn, grow and improve. Remember, with dedication and hard work, success follows. You CAN Do It!

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