October 2023 National Orthodontic Health Month Tips and Ideas

October 2023 National Orthodontic Health Month Tips and Ideas

Hello Friends,

October is National Orthodontic Health Month – Here are a few tips and ideas to help you and your team celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month

Employee Appreciation – Celebrate your orthodontists and orthodontic dental assistants all month long!

National Coffee Day: 29th  – Starbucks or Coffee Gift Cards or Bring in a special coffee/tea drink for the team.

Practice Growth & Marketing Ideas ~

Theme:  Orthodontic Health Month!  Healthy & Beautiful Smiles!

  • Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment – Well-aligned teeth help to prevent conditions like tooth loss, decay, gum disease, and even jaw issues. Orthodontists create healthy, beautiful smiles!
  • Dental Hygiene with Braces – Share posts, pictures, and videos on your social media platforms and your Google My Business listing all about how to care for your teeth with braces, how to care for your clear aligners, and how to care for your retainers. (October is also National Dental Hygiene Month -see more ideas for that HERE)

  • Brace-Friendly Candy – Share on your social media platforms what candy to avoid and what snacks/treats are brace-friendly.

  • Reviews / Testimonials – Encourage patients to leave a review/testimonial on Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Clear Aligners – Use this as an opportunity to promote clear aligners. This time of year people want to get their smiles camera-ready for their end-of-year parties.
  • Before & Afters – All month-long feature before and after ortho photos on your social media pages.
  • Q & A Video Sessions– Use your social media platforms to post short videos of the doctors and/or team members answering frequently asked questions.
  • Special Pricing – During the month of October offer special pricing or some kind of BOGO offer that will encourage them to tell their friends about you.

World Smile Day: October 6th – Invite your patients to share pictures of themselves, their family, and/or their pets smiling on your Facebook page to be entered into a drawing to win a prize.  Goal: fill FB & IG newsfeeds with happy smiles!

Community Involvement ~

Candy Buy Back


  •   Collect candy in the office. Open to the Public

Or you can do this,

  • Team up with a local school or schools and set up collection bins in each classroom where the kids can bring in their candy and the classroom with the most candy wins a gift card or get a local pizzeria to donate pizza for a classroom pizza party for the winning classroom.

Gift Ideas for Referring Dentists and their Teams ~

October is Apple Month – Deliver some apple treats to the offices. Such as:

  • Basket Of Apples w/ Caramel Sauce
  • Apple Cider & Donuts
  • Apple Pie

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Practice Management Ideas ~

Unscheduled Treatment Reminders – Reach out to everyone who came in for a consultation but has yet to schedule to get started on their orthodontic treatment. Stay in touch with them via telephone, email, text, and your social media platforms.

FSA/HSA Reminders – Share reminders on your website and social media pages that orthodontic treatment is an allowable expense for FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) accounts. Don’t let it go to waste by not using it before the year ends. Use it or Lose it.

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Wishing you all a productive, happy, and healthy month of October

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