February 2024 Dental Practice Management, Leadership, and Team Appreciation Ideas and Reminders

February 2024 Dental Practice Management, Leadership, and Team Appreciation Ideas and Reminders

What are you doing to ensure this is a healthy and productive first quarter for you, your office, and your team?

Here are several management reminders, leadership, and team appreciation tips and ideas for February…

Note: If you’re looking for marketing, practice growth, and social media content ideas for February, you’ll find the links at the end of this post.

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Office Management Reminders and Ideas

Patient Reappointment and Reactivation – The easiest and best patients to fill your schedules (to meet/exceed goals) are those who have come to you before.  You have a huge advantage when reaching out to established patients of record; It’s the power of pre-existing relationships.  (Oh, by the way, on average, it can cost up to six times more to gain a new patient than it does to retain an existing patient.)

Are you monitoring how many patients leave the office without an appointment? How are you following up?

How many of your active patients are unscheduled?

How many of your active patients are enrolled in a hygiene continuing care program/recare?

What is your system for following up on unscheduled treatment plans?

Insurance Claims What does your insurance aging report look like? How often are you checking on outstanding insurance claims? Who is monitoring and working on your aging reports daily? How many claims are over 90 days old? Your goal should be zero.

Scheduling Success or Scheduling Chaos? – Review your schedule for this past January, on the days that went smoothly and the days that were stressful and chaotic.  What can you change to have more smooth and successful days and what needs to change to have less stressful days? Remember, where, when, and how you schedule your patients is something you should have 100% control over. If you have yet to take control of your schedule – don’t delay, get started today!

Leadership, Team Building, and Team Appreciation

Employees who don’t feel appreciated, valued, or understand their role (place) in the practice often will leave or even worse become disengaged.

What are the performance expectations for your team? Does each employee clearly understand their role in the practice?

Commend your employees when you catch them doing something “right”. Commendation boosts morale. Applaud & reward the behavior and actions that you want to see more of. Simply thanking your team at the end of the day goes a long way in making them feel appreciated.

If you want to see a positive change in your practice, you must consistently lead by example… be the change.

Practice Owners – If you would like to grow and improve your dental practice and have wondered what it might be like to work with me and what coaching is all about or would just like to discover areas of opportunity for your practice … please feel free to reach out to me to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation coaching call at bhaydenconsulting@gmail.com.

Random Acts of Kindness Week: 11th -17th – Do something special for your employees this week. Bring in an unexpected, sweet treat or small gift to let them know just how much you appreciate them. (By the way, if you’re an employee reading this, your doctor would also appreciate an unexpected act of kindness this week!)

National Snack Food Month: Treat your team to some healthy (and not so healthy 😉 ) snacks. You can add notes of appreciation to the snacks.

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Dental Office Tips and Ideas for July 2020

Dental Office Tips and Ideas for July 2020

Happy Summer, Friends –

I wanted to share some Leadership, Practice Management, and Marketing Tips and Ideas with you for the month of July to help you all have a terrific, productive, and safe month.

These next few months bring wonderful opportunities to be productive and safe while helping your patients and community smile healthier and happier.  There is much that can be done now to hopefully have a healthy and productive September and October. The slow months of March and April will have a negative impact on September and October if we don’t plan now for those months to be great.

With some planning, enthusiasm, and implementation you have the chance to really set yourselves apart from the other offices in the community, welcome more new patients, exceed your current patients’ expectations (get them talking about how awesome you are!), have less stress and more fun as a team. We all need more of that.

Dental Office Marketing, Management, and Leadership Tips & Ideas

Dental Coach Betty Hayden Summer Dental Marketing Ideas

Internal & External Marketing Tips and Ideas: 

Patient Appreciation Ideas

Theme #1:  National Grilling Month – Contest for a BBQ Grill and/or a Gift Basket filled with grilling supplies.  Base entries off of NP referrals or Reviews left on Facebook and/or Google. You could take this contest right until the end of August.

Product/Service Feature: Orthodontics for a beautiful grill!

Theme #2: Patient Appreciation Gift

Gift Idea: Firework Sparklers with a note attached that says: Thank you for making our office sparkle! We appreciate you!

Dental Patient Appreciation Gift Ideas from Betty Hayden Consulting

Product Feature: Teeth Whitening (Time to make your smile sparkle & shine!)

Practice Management Tips and Ideas:

Office Yearly Goals – I understand that many of the original goals for your year have been adjusted.  Are you happy with your Production, Collection, and New Patient Goals for 2020? Would you like to adjust your office hours?

Reactivation and Reappointment – How many of your “active” patients have their next appt scheduled and how many do not?  Let us work together to ensure none of your patients are slipping through any cracks. A solid reactivation and reappointment protocol is key to keeping healthy schedules and healthy patients.

Friends, if you do not know what your office numbers look like, please examine, record, and measure these and other important key practice indicators. You need to know where you’re at currently to know how to best care for your patients and what your potential for growth is. To help you get that data quickly, like within minutes – if your PMS is either Dentrix, Eaglesoft, or Open Dental you can request a complimentary, no-obligation practice data snapshot here: Game-Changing Awareness from Dental Intelligence  – Within minutes we’ll identify your practice’s strengths and uncover hidden opportunities.  I am happy to assist you with this at no charge.

Family Friendly Offices – July is Get Ready for Kindergarten Month. Depending on your schedule, consider setting aside one or two days for “Get Ready for Kindergarten with Healthy Smiles” visits. Make it a fun experience for the children. Promote via your social media sites.

Leadership Tips and Ideas: 

“Stop rationing out praise as if there will be a shortage of it when you could be replicating your best people.”   — Gregg Lederman

leadership acknowledges and praises employees dental coach Betty Hayden Consulting

Leadership acknowledges and appreciates – It’s easy to recognize mistakes or when things are going wrong but be on the lookout to recognize and acknowledge what is going right. Your employees and fellow co-workers need to hear commendation and appreciation for the good things they’re doing.  Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Verbal Commendation
  • Handwritten thank you note of appreciation
  • Bring in breakfast
  • Bring in lunch
  • Extra special: Gift card, a small gift, or good ol’ cash 😉

Employee Work Anniversaries – Who has work anniversaries in July that you can celebrate?

Social Media Post Ideas to Improve Engagement:

National Body Piercing Week: 5-10

International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day: July 6th

Chocolate Day; July 7th

National Sour Candy Day: 18th

Dangers of sour candy to your teeth dental office ideas betty hayden

National Lipstick Day: 29th

Make it a great and fun month!

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