Dental Marketing Ideas for your Local Library

Hello Friends, 

Here is a quick marketing idea to help bring in new patients to your practice. At the very least it will plant some marketing/advertising seeds.

Many libraries offer summer reading programs/clubs for the children and adults in the community.

dental marketing ideas for new patients

What a great opportunity to get your dental office name in front of these people!

Here are just a few inexpensive yet effective ideas that you can use.

Bookmarks – Create fun, interesting Bookmarks for your local library that include your office contact information. Deliver these bookmarks as a gift to the library to give away during their summer reading programs and events.  

Toothbrush bags – Throughout the summer the library hosts several events that bring in people of all ages. Why not make up some toothbrush bags for them to hand out at some of these events. Be sure to use imprinted toothbrushes.

Lip Balm – Personalized lip balm is a great give away! It’s inexpensive too. Lip Balm Express is one of my favorite companies.

Pencils – Imprinted pencils that the children can use to fill in their reading logs.

Prizes – During the reading program at our library, they offer little prizes to the children after they complete so many minutes of reading. Why not donate Little Prizes that they can give away to the children. If you get individually wrapped prizes be sure to place a label on them that says Compliments of your office name. If they are not individually wrapped, be sure to add some type of tag to the prize that includes your office contact information.

Visit the Library – Offer to come in for a dental health presentation/demonstration/experiment. Similar to what you might do during Children’s Dental Health Month.

Act now to get your name in front of all the people in your community that will be visiting your local library.

See Marketing to your local library part 2 for more ideas: Part 2

Some offices express concern that they just don’t have time to implement any new marketing/advertising ideas. If that’s true with your office, please contact me. I can help!

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Easy Dental Marketing Idea to Use With Local Schools

Hello Dental Friends,

Are you looking to bring in more New Patient Families to your practice?

dental marketing ideas betty hayden

Here’s a quick idea for you,

Many schools will be hosting book fairs this school year.  And if your local school(s) are anything like mine, these book fairs draw a very large crowd.

So this got me thinking about a very simple, inexpensive yet possibly very effective marketing idea:

Create fun, interesting Bookmarks for your local schools that include your office contact information. Deliver these bookmarks as a gift to the local schools to use during their book fairs.  Want to take it up a notch? Put together toothbrush bags for the teachers and or donate some money to be used to purchase a few books for the classroom.

Easy! Right?

No need to wait until February’s Dental Health Month to market to the local schools, start early in the school year building relationships with school staff & the families that attend these schools. These small marketing seeds that you plant help to build these relationships over time and you never know when and where those seeds will grow in to new patients for your practice. (See

I have lots of ideas on how to effectively market to local schools that I will be sharing in the next few months. I have witnessed first hand just how effective marketing to local schools can be. The opportunity to bring in many new patient families to your practice is huge. 

While you’re at it, go ahead and drop off a bunch of your awesome new bookmarks to the local library. They’ll love it!

Please feel free to share with me your ideas for marketing to local schools or if you have any dental marketing questions that I can help you answer, please comment below.

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