Dental Office Management Tips and Ideas December 2021

Dental Office Management Tips and Ideas December 2021

Hello Friends,

What does December typically look like in your dental practice? Full schedules? Light schedules? Stressed out patients? Stressed out doctor and team? Maybe the team is starting to check out mentally ready for the break from work?

Regardless of what December usually looks like in your office – if you haven’t done so already, take some time now to plan for how you will not only keep/get a full schedule but ensure that it will be productive too. I know that we can’t control the schedule 100% because life happens. However, we certainly can plan to end the year on a happy & productive note.

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End of Year Rush – What are your plans to care for the end-of-year rush? You know, the patients that wait until the last minute to use their remaining insurance benefits, the school/college kids, emergencies, etc.

Holiday Hours – Be sure to update your office holiday hours/closures on Google and Facebook.

Social Media – Preschedule your social media posts for the last 2 weeks of December and the first week of January. Looking for content ideas? Check these out: Dental Social Media Content Ideas

Incomplete/Unscheduled Treatment – Do you have any patients with incomplete treatment or ones that are due/past due in hygiene with remaining insurance benefits that will expire at the end of this year? Do what you can to help them see the need and value in scheduling an appointment this month. Some offices invite their patients to take advantage of “today only” special offers that they share via their social media sites, email blasts, and telephone calls.

Be alert to any patients that are coming in with the doctor or hygienist and have incomplete treatment or are due in hygiene. If the schedule allows, encourage them to take care of both at the same time. This means carefully reviewing all charts in advance of the appointment.

Appointment/Retention Incentive – Consider having a drawing for a gift basket or gift card to a local business that your patients can enter to win when they come in for their dental appointment before December 23rd.

Homecare Products – December is a great time for Special offers on Electric Toothbrushes and Waterpiks

Gift Certificates – Remember, Gift Certificates/Cards for Teeth Whitening or Dental Treatment should always be available for your patients to purchase as gifts for their loved ones.

Review the performance for 2021 – What worked well? What did not work well or requires change? What are your ideas for Improvement? What are your plans for implementation? SEE Where Are You Taking Your Practice?

Most important, remember to celebrate this year’s successes with your team! SEE Why Gratitude Matters

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Dentist Office Management and Leadership Ideas for September

Dentist Office Management and Leadership Ideas for September

Hello Friends,

How are things looking for your office in September? Do you have holes in the schedule? Or are you booked solid? Are you on track to have your best September ever?

No matter if your schedule is full of patients or full of holes there are things we can do to improve the practice – things that show the team how much they matter and things to show your patients that you care.

If your schedule isn’t looking as great as you’d like, or if you’re experiencing too many broken appts, or if your schedule is busy but not necessarily productive – you’ll benefit from the ideas that I am sharing with you. (That is of course if you implement them 😉 )

We know that a full hygiene schedule today typically means a full doctor’s schedule tomorrow – why is that? Approximately, 75% of restorative needs are discovered during hygiene patient visits.

Unfortunately, when there is that open chair time with no production to collect on, your overhead expenses continue without letup.

This isn’t just about money though – our focus should always be on helping our patients smile healthier and happier. When Your Patients Are Healthy – The Practice Is Healthy. To help make our patients healthier we need them to schedule appointments.

The ideas that I am sharing with you for September will help you reactivate and reappoint patients, attract more new patients, build relationships within the community, as well as exceed your current patients’ expectations.

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Leadership Ideas:

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

By your actions lead your team in the direction you want your practice to go and grow.

Think beyond what you’ve always done to get by or your current perceived limitations– get creative with your methods for staying in touch with your current patients, reaching out to inactive patients, welcoming more new patients, and learning new things as a team to keep things fresh and motivating.

Employee Appreciation Idea – September is Self-Care Awareness Month – We’re finding many employees/team members experiencing burn-out and overwhelm for numerous reasons. We are also dealing with an employee shortage which is adding extra stress on the loyal employees. Self-Care has never been more important than it is right now! Give a small gift of appreciation to your employees that encourages self-care.  It could be a gift card or actual gifts. (ie: spa products, chocolate, books, essential oils, teas, water bottle, etc.) In addition, be alert to create opportunities to express your appreciation to your employees (and for the employees reading this – let your doctors know that you appreciate them too) – with your words, a short handwritten thank you note, etc.

Practice Management Tips & Ideas:

Unscheduled Treatment Plans & Hygiene Continuing Care – Reach out to all your patients with incomplete treatment plans or that are past-due in hygiene. Encourage them to schedule their appointment during the months of September, October, and November.

It is important to reach out to these “unhealthy” patients even IF you have crazy full schedules. They need to know you haven’t forgotten about them and that you care about their health.

Friends, do you know what your schedules look like for the fall months? Do you know how many of your active patients have a future appointment and how many do not? Do you know how many new patients you are welcoming into the practice AND how many patients you’re losing each month?  To help you get that data quickly, like within minutes – if your PMS is either Dentrix, Eaglesoft, or Open Dental you can request a complimentary, no-obligation practice data snapshot here: Game-Changing Awareness from Dental Intelligence  – Within minutes we’ll identify your practice’s strengths and uncover hidden opportunities.  I am happy to assist you with this at no charge and with absolutely no obligation to do anything further with me. 

Insurance Renewal Letters – Send out your Insurance and HSA/FSA “Use it or Lose it reminder texts, emails, and letters. If you would like a sample letter please email me at

Dental Office Insurance Renewal Reminders Betty Hayden Consulting

Wishing you all the healthiest and happiest September!

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