January 2024 Dental Office Management, Leadership, and Team Building Ideas

Hello Friends,

2024 is just around the corner! How do you want to end 2024? What do you want your practice to be known for? Create your action plan for any wanted and needed improvements/changes to your office including setting your production, collection, treatment, continuing education, new patient, administrative time, and happiness goals for 2024.

Here you’ll find several office management, leadership, and team-building reminders and ideas for January 2024.

Management & Leadership Reminders

January is Get Organized Month – This is a great time to get rid of any office clutter! Check the closets, cabinets, drawers, and countertops, and shelves for any clutter (old manuals, books, electronics, paperwork) that can be organized, put away, or tossed out. Clutter equals chaos. There is no room for chaos or clutter.

CDT Codes – Have you reviewed the 2024 CDT Code changes, additions, and deletions? If not, I strongly encourage you to ensure you and your team are up to date with coding and billing guidelines. Also, a revised ADA Dental Claim form goes into effect on January 1, 2024.

Insurance Renewals –  Many of your patients’ dental insurance maximums are renewed on January 1. Phone, text, and/or email your patients with a friendly reminder of their renewed benefits and encourage them to make a reservation to come in for their hygiene wellness visit or to get started on their unscheduled treatment needs with the doctor. Include reminders on your social media pages.

Scheduling Success or Scheduling Chaos? – Reflect on your schedule last year, on the days that went smoothly and the days that were stressful and chaotic.  What can you change to have more smooth and successful days and what needs to change to have less stressful days? Remember, where, when, and how you schedule your patients is something you should have 100% control over.

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Team Building and Appreciation Ideas

Warm Up Wednesday – January is Soup Month. How about the employees bring in a crock pot of soup and have a prize for the best soup?  

National Pie Day: 23rd –  Bring in a sweet treat for the team today.

National Cheesy Sock Month – Buy cheesy/silly socks for the team and take a picture to share on Facebook & IG.

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Wishing you a happy and productive year!

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