December 2023 Dental Practice Growth, Marketing, and Social Media Content Ideas

Hello Friends,

December is the last month of office opportunities to end 2023 productive and happy! Thankfully. there are plenty of opportunities to plan for a great month.

The ideas that I am sharing for the month of December when implemented, WILL help you attract more new patients, build relationships within the community, as well as exceed your current patients’ expectations. Get people talking about you! As always, my goal is to also help you all stress-less and have more fun at work!

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Here are a few dental practice growth, marketing, and social media content tips & ideas…

Patient Appreciation

Travel Toothbrush Bags – Many of your patients travel during the holidays – Surprise them with a small gift for their travels. Put together toothbrush bags that include a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, and a “what to do in a dental emergency” handout. You could also include other travel-sized items such as lotion, Advil, lip balm, etc.

Referral Thank you – All month long you can give away xylitol fresh breath mints and gum. Most likely many of your patients will be attending holiday/end-of-year parties and this will help them enjoy fresh breath during those
events. “Your Referrals are the Nicest Compli-MINT! – Thank you!”

Cookie Cutter Week: 1-7 – Purchase a variety of cookie cutters to individually package and seal with an office label that says: “Our Patients Are a CUT Above the Rest!”

Community Involvement

Donations – Open your office as a Drop-Off Location for donations of non-perishable food items or winter gear for families/individuals in need.

Appointment Retention – To encourage patients to keep their scheduled appointments during December, consider having a drawing for a gift basket (ie: filled with cozy winter items & hot cocoa supplies) or a gift card to a local business/restaurant that your patients can enter to win when they come in for their dental appointment before December 23rd.

Gift Certificates: Remember, Gift Certificates/Cards for Teeth Whitening or Dental Treatment should always be available for your patients to purchase as gifts for their loved ones.

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Social Media Post Content Ideas to Improve Engagement during the month of December

National Cookie Day: 4th 

National 12-hour Fresh Breath Day: 12 – National 12-Hour Fresh Breath Day is about the importance of good oral hygiene and its role in keeping your breath fresh for long periods of time.

Monkey Day: 14th 

Winter (Winter Solstice): 21st

Wishing you a happy & healthy December!

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Yours for Greater Success,

~Betty (Dental Coach)

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