Dental Leadership, Team Building, and Practice Management Tips and Ideas for November 2023

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Here are the Leadership, Team Building, and Practice Management Reminders and Ideas to help you benefit from a great and productive month!

Leadership Ideas

Accountability – Hold each employee accountable to uphold the same high standards of performance and attitudes.  It’s been said that “what you allow you encourage.” Once you make the decision to no longer tolerate or allow poor behavior and attitudes in your practice, you’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief and the rest of your employees will know just how much you care and appreciate them.

November is Gratitude Month – Gratitude helps to strengthen and motivate your team, encouraging employee loyalty and engagement. Don’t assume they know that you appreciate them just because you give them a paycheck every week. Show them by your words and actions that you value and appreciate their contributions to the success of the practice. For several ways to do this, visit here: Why Gratitude Matters

Team Appreciation Ideas

World Kindness Week: 12th – 18th AND Random Acts of Kindness Friday: 24th – Time to spread some kindness! – Surprise your team with a random act of kindness.

Practice Management Ideas & Reminders

Small Business Saturday: 25th – Use this day (or all month long) to showcase or spotlight a few small local businesses on your Instagram & Facebook pages. Be sure to TAG the business in your post. It would be great if you could get pictures of the business to share with the post. This is an excellent way for you and your team to engage with local businesses and build (or strengthen) relationships.

Daylight Saving Time Ends: 5th (First Sunday) (Turn Back 1 Hour  @2:00 AM)

Treatment Plans and Financial Arrangements – Every patient that has an appt. scheduled with the doctor for treatment must have a copy of their treatment plan AND a financial agreement before the appt. DON’T ASSUME that the patient is OK with their financial responsibility simply because you gave them a copy of their treatment plan and they didn’t question the cost.  What often happens is they say OK and schedule and then will no-show or cancel at the last minute.

End-of-Year Dental Insurance Benefits (or HSA/FSA) Use it or Lose it Reminders – There is still time to schedule more appointments. Have you followed up with a call(s), texts, and letters to your patients who haven’t responded to your reminder emails?

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Looking for marketing and practice growth ideas for November 2023? Visit Dental Marketing, Practice Growth, and Social Media Content Tips & Ideas for November.

I hope these ideas and strategies when implemented will allow you to end the year strong.

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