Dental Office Management, Leadership, and Team Building Ideas for April 2023

Hello Friends,

What are your plans to reactivate your unscheduled patients and consistently provide excellent experiences for your active scheduled patients to exceed their expectations?

Remember that it is most important to consistently exceed your employees’ expectations. We all need a work environment and culture that refreshes us instead of being a drag and a drain on us.

What are you doing to ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page and helping you reach your practice goals?

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Here are some office management, leadership, and team-building tips and ideas for April…

Practice Management Ideas

Spring Clean your Online Presence – Friends, please take some time now to examine your website, social media pages, and Google listing. Make sure that your office information is up-to-date, with current content and photos. Check the bios, office hours, services, special offers, page links, etc. If you haven’t brought your Google business listing up to date or have yet to claim it – please do so.

Speaking of Spring Cleaning… is your office due (or maybe way past due) for a good cleaning? Check this out: Spring Cleaning and Organizing Tips for your Dental Practice

Reappointments – Keep in mind, the best way to keep your patients active is to be sure to reappoint them for their next hygiene visit when they are there at the office. Also, help more of your patients say yes to your treatment recommendations and have them reserve their appointment at the time of treatment presentation.

Hygiene Continuing Care Reminder Idea – Cleaning for a Reason Week 18-24th – “It’s time to Spring Clean your Dental Care Routine”.

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April is National Stress Awareness Month – “There cannot be a stressful crisis next week. My schedule is already full.” ­— Henry Kissinger

Sadly, Dentists are one of the most stressed in the healthcare industry. Bad stress can and does negatively affect your team and in turn, your patients. Eliminating stress is almost impossible, however, there are things we can do to reduce it. “Stress and unhappiness come not from situations, but how you respond to situations.” – Brian Tracy

Here are just a few tips…

  • Practice Gratitude (Focus on the good things in your life. Start and End your day with a grateful heart)
  • Set Realistic Goals (Stop trying to be a perfectionist)
  • Delegate & Stop Micromanaging
  • Control your Appointment Schedules
  • Prioritize Tasks (there can only be one most important thing at a time)
  • Create Written Systems, Checklists, and Job Descriptions/Expectations
  • Improve Communication (Communicate daily with your team. Clearly identify your mission, vision, core values, goals, and expectations)
  • Practice Self-Care
  • Take a Break (make sure you and your team get to take a break(s) during the workday)
  • Smile More (have fun at work)

Team Building/Employee Appreciation Ideas

National Fun at Work Day: 6th – Have a silly theme for this day. (For example, Crazy hair, luau, silly socks, decades day, etc.)

National Dental Hygienist Week: 4th -10th – Technically, this is a Canadian “Holiday” but more and more offices here in the United States are taking advantage of this opportunity to show some extra love and appreciation for their hygiene team.

Administrative Professionals Week: 23-29 / Administrative Professionals Day: 26th – This is the week to celebrate your hard-working and amazing front-office employees!

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~Betty (Dental Coach)

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