Dental Office Management and Leadership Ideas November 2022

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Would you like to increase your production, collections, and new patients? How about reappointing more of your unscheduled/inactive patients? If yes, these ideas that I am sharing with you, when implemented, WILL help you increase production, attract more new patients, build relationships within the community, have a happier team, as well as exceed your established patients’ expectations. 

Leadership Ideas

November is Gratitude Month – Gratitude helps to strengthen and motivate your team, encouraging employee loyalty and engagement. Don’t assume they know that you appreciate them just because you give them a paycheck every week. Show them by your words and actions that you value and appreciate their contributions to the success of the practice.

Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life. “—Northrup Christiane

See Why Gratitude Matters for several ways for you to express and show gratitude for your dental team.

Team AppreciationNational Nachos Day 6th– Bring in Nachos for lunch from a local restaurant or do a build-your-own nachos lunch potluck style.

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Practice Management Reminders and Ideas

Incomplete and Unscheduled Treatment Reminders – Do you have any patients with incomplete and unscheduled treatment plans or ones that are due/past due in hygiene? Do what you can to help them see the need and value in scheduling an appointment this month before the end-of-the-year rush really shifts into high gear!

End Of Year Dental Insurance Benefits (or HSA/FSA) Use it or Lose it Reminders – Have you followed up with a call(s), texts, and letters to your patients that haven’t responded to your use it or emails?

Scheduling – What steps have you taken to ensure your schedules will be able to accommodate those patients that wait until the last minute to use their dental benefits before the year ends? Do you have time reserved for New Patients, SRPs, and deliveries?

Daylight Saving Time Ends: 6 (First Sunday) (Turn Back 1 Hour  @2:00 AM)

Black Friday – Offer Special Pricing on Teeth Whitening, Electric Toothbrushes, Ortho Consultation, or a New Patient Visit.

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