Dental Marketing and Practice Growth Ideas for November 2022

Hello Friends,

The New Year is just around the corner! Where are you at with your practice growth goals for this year?

How do you want to end this year? What do you want November and December to look like? These ideas that I am sharing for November WILL (when implemented) help you attract more new patients, build relationships within the community, as well as exceed your current patients’ expectations. 

November 2022, Practice Growth (Marketing) Tips & Ideas

Patient & Community Educational Ideas:

National Alzheimer’s Disease Month – The bacteria that cause gum disease are associated with the development of Alzheimer’s.

November is Diabetes Month – All month-long share posts on your social media platforms regarding the importance of regular preventive dental visits to the dentist. When you have diabetes, high blood sugar can take a toll on your entire body — including your teeth and gums.

X-Ray Day: 8th – Create a short video or post about why radiographs are necessary and their safety to share on your social media platforms.

Great American Smokeout: 17th (Dangers of smoking, chewing, and vaping)

Marketing Tips & Ideas

Monthly Theme Idea: Gratitude (November is National Gratitude Month)

For your patients: Invite your patients to share what they’re grateful for (turn it into fall decorations by having them fill out fall leaves that you hang on the wall.)

For the community: Visit local businesses with a gift and a note of gratitude for what they do for the community. Or each week feature a local business on your FB/IG pages that you are grateful for.

Reviews/Recommendations – Set a goal to get a certain number of reviews/recommendations to your Facebook and Google pages during the month of November.

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Social Media Post Content Ideas to Improve Engagement during the month of November

National Pomegranate Month

World Kindness Week: 13-19

Cinnamon Day: 1  

National Brush Day: 1 

National Candy Day: 4 

Daylight Saving Time Ends: 6 (First Sunday) (Turn Back 1 Hour  @2:00 AM)

National Nachos Day: 6 (Because Nachos are delicious! And you’re “nacho” average dental team! 😉 )

Red Lipstick Day: 11

World Hello Day: 21

Flossing Day: 25

Wishing you all the happiest and most productive November ever!

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~Betty (Dental Coach)

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