June 2022 Dental Office Management Tips and Ideas

Hello Friends,

How are things going for you at the office? Are you on track to reach or exceed your practice goals for this second quarter? Today, I am sharing some office management and leadership tips and ideas for you to put into action during the month of June so you can enjoy practice improvement, growth, and less stress.

Practice improvement and growth starts with you and your team! Remember, there is no way that the quality of patient care and experiences will exceed the quality of the people who provide it.

Don’t assume your team knows that you appreciate them just because you give them a paycheck every week. Show them by your words and actions that you value and appreciate their contributions to the success of the practice.

Invest in your team – Thoroughly train your employees (new & old) on your practice goals, systems, expectations, software, telephone skills, dental procedures, protocols, etc.  Include regular continuing education – you can do this with in-office training, webinars, lunch and learns, and seminars/classes outside of the office.

Have more fun as a team – Recess at Work day is June 16th – Get outside for a few minutes with your team for some fresh air. If you can’t all get outside, open the windows, and turn up the radio.  How about a sweet treat to enjoy during “recess”? (ex: ice cream, frozen drink, etc.)

Here are a few more ideas for you: Team Building and Employee Gratitude

Insurance Renewals & Unscheduled Patients – Some insurance companies renew their maximum on June 1st. Pull a report of your patients due in hygiene or with unscheduled restorative treatment that have a June insurance maximum renewal date. Make calls and send letters/texts/emails that their maximum renewed and encourage them to schedule an appointment.

In fact, this is a great time to reach out to all of your unscheduled patients the insured and the uninsured. Theme: Summer Sun & Smiles

Gift Certificates – Remember to offer gift certificates for purchase. Also, Electric toothbrushes, Water Flossers and Teeth Whitening make great gift ideas. 

Looking for Marketing & Practice Growth Tips & Ideas for June? You’ll find them here: June 2022 Marketing Ideas

The Marketing and Practice Growth Tips & Ideas that I share each month, when implemented, help you to welcome more new patients, engage with the community, have more fun as a team, and get your existing patients talking positively about their experiences in your office – but, is that enough to really grow your practice? Could it be that you’re working each month to bring in more new patients but aren’t enjoying “real” practice growth? You may have healthy new patient numbers each month and full schedules, and yet, the office isn’t growing and you’re working hard, feeling stressed out.

Are you retaining and reappointing your new patients? How are you staying in touch with your unscheduled patients? What systems are in place for ensuring that your new and existing patients consistently receive great experiences in the office and over the telephone?

What does retaining, reactivating, and reappointing established patients mean for you and the patient?

  • We are creatures of habit.  It’s easier to do something we are already doing than to do something different.
  • Established relationship. (They already know, like, and trust you. You just need to focus on strengthening that relationship)
  • No marketing costs – you’ve already paid the initial investment in getting the patient.

What are you doing to keep track of your established patients? What are you doing to ensure your established patients don’t slip through the cracks? 

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~Betty – Dental Coach

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