August 2021 Dental Office Management Tips and Ideas

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I am happy to share with you some management and leadership tips and ideas for August. The ideas that I share are designed to help you produce more, collect more, stress less, and have more fun as a team all while helping your patients smile healthier and happier.

Be sure to spend some time reviewing your YTD numbers with your goals for the year. Are you satisfied with how your numbers are trending? If not, now is the perfect time to make some adjustments.

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Here are some Dental Management and Leadership Tips and Ideas

Let’s start with you and your team…

Treat your employees how you would like them to treat your best patient!

If you want to see a positive change in your practice, you must consistently lead by example… be the change. It starts at the top. You set the tone for the day, make certain that it’s a happy & productive one.

Employee Appreciation Ideas –

Bagel Day – August 8th / Bring in bagels for the team… or bagels and donuts. (I love donuts)

Just Because Day – August 27th / Surprise the team with a small gift, gift card, or treat… just because.  They need it!

Unscheduled Active Patient Ideas – It doesn’t do any good to have active patients if they’re not scheduled for a future appointment. Make plans to reach out to all your unscheduled patients and invite them to schedule an appointment for their hygiene visit or if they have unscheduled treatment plans.

Incomplete Treatment Reports – Run your unscheduled treatment report for the last 6 months and reach out to patients to encourage them to schedule their appt to complete the treatment as planned.

Hygiene Continuing Care Opportunity – August 1 -7 is Simplify Your Life Week – Social Media post idea:  Simplify your life by crossing off “Schedule my all-important dental visit” from your To-Do-List by calling us today at…

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Hope you enjoy these ideas and are able to use some of them to help make the month of August a productive and fun one for you, your team, your patients, and the community.

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