Social Media Site Content Ideas for your Dental Office

Social Media Site Posting Ideas

social media help for dentists

Many offices wonder what types of things they should post and share on their social media sites.

Vary the topics you post about. No one wants to only see dental related posts. Remember, WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) Appeal to your audience. Your current and potential patients.

Vary the times you post or share on your social media sites.

Don’t spam with too many posts in a day.

Here are some quick content ideas for you…

  • Dental Health Tips
  • Dental Emergency Instruction
  • How to Videos
  • Health Tips
  • Office Contest Information
  • Trivia Questions
  • Fill in the Blank statements
  • Quotes (Motivational, Funny and/or Inspiring)
  • Community News (Events, weather, sports news, etc)
  • Team Member News
  • Patient News
  • Product Information
  • News about Continuing Education
  • Employee Spotlight
  • Testimonials
  • Before and After Smiles
  • Pictures of team members having fun
  • Acknowledge all “like” and “comment” on your posts.
  • Share local business posts
  • Comment and like other businesses posts
  • Openings in Schedule (Don’t say “we have a cancellation” instead say something like: “_ has an opening in her schedule today at 11:00 for your all important dental hygiene visit…” Whatever you say, saying change in schedule is better than saying cancellation.

If you have yet to set up social media sites for your practice and you’re wondering if utilizing social media sites is something your office should do…the answer is YES. Here’s why:

I understand that not all business owners (Doctors) & team members can find the time required to start and grow a social media site presence.

I happen to love working with social media as a dental marketing source. I’m ready to help your practice grow through the use of Social Media sites. Fresh content and posts just for your office! Done in a way that your patients and potential patients believe it’s coming straight from your office.

Contact me today to set up your Complimentary Consultation.

Feel free to comment below and share your ideas and what content works well for your office.

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Yours for greater success!


5 thoughts on “Social Media Site Content Ideas for your Dental Office

  1. Hey there! My office has been doing occasional staff themed days/photos for Social Media. We are looking for monthly ideas on ways to dress up to holidays/sports events/etc. but we’re kinda stuck on Feb-April. Do you have suggestions?

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