10 Tips for Teeth Whitening Acceptance Success

Spring is here! A great time for your patients to consider whitening their teeth. Right? Smiles so bright they’ll need to wear shades. Beautiful bright, white teeth for Spring. Well, as I sit here at my computer preparing to share some tips for teeth whitening case acceptance success with you all, I look out my window on this Spring morning and what do I see? Bright, white flakes of evil snow falling from the sky! 🙁 I guess it’s more like “Smiles as White as Snow.” UGH!

Hopefully, this snow won’t last long but your teeth whitening case acceptance will.
Why is it that some offices have a lot of success with teeth whitening sales and other offices not so much?

Here’s why…. No whitening system, or whitening goals will ever be reached or work if the entire team isn’t on board with it and actually consistently offering it.

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Here are 10 Tips to Help Make Teeth Whitening a Successful Service in your Office.

Step One:
White Teeth for Doctor(s) and Team Members –
Complimentary whitening trays for each & every team member. They need to have a beautiful white smile and an experience to share with your patients.)

Step Two:
Take a Shade! –
Let your patient know that you’re going to start the appointment by taking a shade match of their current tooth color for your records. You can show them where they are on the shade guide.

Step Three:
In office Messaging –
Team members can wear buttons and/or have a nice 5×7 framed sign in each treatment room at patient’s eye level offering teeth whitening…

Get a Whiter, Brighter Smile with
Teeth Whitening!

Whiten yellow teeth & virtually eliminate
tobacco, coffee & tea stains!
Ask us how

Step Four:
Scheduling! –
When scheduling hygiene appointments over the phone include these powerful words:
Would you also like to whiten your teeth at this appointment?

Step Five:
Listen to your patients! –
What are they telling you about upcoming events in their lives? Wedding? Job Hunting? Recently Single? Holiday time? Special Events? Vacation? Class Reunion?
What a great time to ask if they would like to have a bright, white smile for their special event, job interview, etc.

Step Six:
External Marketing –
Include offers for teeth whitening and patient teeth whitening success stories with your… Newsletters, Postcards, Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc) Website and Blog Posts.

Step Seven:
Tracking –
Be sure to set up computer reminders to call or send a post card to your patients that have purchased teeth whitening trays around the time when they will be due for a refill.

Step Eight:
Set a monthly whitening goal! Talk about daily goals at morning meetings.

Step Nine:
Use only the BEST teeth whitening products and techniques!
Quality matters.

Step Ten:
Buy sunglasses! –
Because your office is going to be filled with such bright smiles you’ll need to wear shades!

Bonus Tip: Offer a fun promotion in the community to local businesses. A drawing to win Free Take-home Teeth whitening trays to one or more people. Offer this at local salons, restaurants and schools.

I’m certain that if each step is followed closely and consistently you will see success with your teeth whitening goals.

Yours for greater success,
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